Management Team

WASO is proud of the fact that many of the staff employed at WASO have been a part of the team for so many years.

  • Photograph of Karen Goodman Wong

    Karen Goodman Wong

    Chief Executive Officer
    WASO Head Office
  • Photograph of Cam Postma

    Cam Postma

    Employment Services Manager
    WASO Employment Services
  • Photograph of Jessica Careme

    Jessica Careme

    WASO 836 McLeod
  • Photograph of Judson Smith

    Judson Smith

    WASO 840 McLeod
  • Photograph of Anne Arnason

    Anne Arnason

    WASO Kingsbury
  • Photograph of Scott Johnson

    Scott Johnson

    WASO Mazenod
  • Photograph of Chantal Johnson

    Chantal Johnson

    WASO Regent

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