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Our innovative programs help adults living with a variety of disabilities through work, life, social, recreational and employment opportunities.

About WASO

WASO stands for "Work and Social Opportunities". Our mission statement is to improve the quality of life for people experiencing disabilities through innovative training (life, social and vocational), services, advocacy and social opportunities.

WASO has been providing supports to individuals experiencing disabilities since 1981. Over the years, we have expanded our services from one location to six unique sites.

WASO has six different programs that provide a range of support options:

Programming Available

All WASO programs provide a variety of programming options, however, each location has an area of specialty.


Vocational Based Programs

Offer the opportunity to work on a number of different contracts. This provides individuals with the opportunity to try a variety of tasks and improve their skills on jobs involving light assembly and/or packaging. Vocational programs also have a recreational component available to the individuals that attend these sites.

Community-based Programs

Provide support to individuals that are interested in volunteering in the community and taking part in recreational activities available in the city. Both on and off site options are available every week.

Employment Services

Support individuals that are capable of working independently in competitive employment. Individuals are supported in employment preparation, job search and post employment support. All individuals working with ES are invited to take part in MentorAbility and experience a short term mentorship with a professional in a field of their choosing.

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